Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Medi 1 - Radio Méditerranée Internationale

Radio Méditerranée Internationale also known as the Greater Maghreb Radio is an excellent media source for international news as well as the Mediterranean and North African regions, areas little covered by the media.

This bilingual radio (Arabic and French) also provides a great diversity of musical genres for all tastes and languages. It hosts experts in the political fields to comment upon world issues.

Medi 1 also has a rich cultural programming: "Points de Vue" of various international literary icons without forgetting cuisine recipes provided on a daily basis.

The friendly and lovable voices of the hosts, the carefully limited time for advertising (no ads after 6 PM) and its fine content makes it most listened-to radio in Morocco.

In short, it is the utlimate radio!

To listen online to Medi 1 click here: http://www.medi1.com/ and click on Play to the bottom left where it says "Nous écouter."

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